a hybrid creative consultancy

2020 -


18 is a hybrid creative consultancy.

We support our clients through a constantly changing cultural landscape by bridging the gaps between strategic thinking and creative output. We specialize in cultural strategy, youth insights, ideation, and creative execution — and do so while championing social good.



18 works with collaborators diverse in identity, experience, and professional background to help clients better understand culture and their opportunity within it.

This takes shape through ideation, insights, and facilitated firsthand experiences including panels and expert interviews. In offering these services, 18 provides clients the information and point of view necessary to develop dynamic plans of action.

Working with a rotating group of global 18-25 year old collaborators , 18 is able to maintain an evolving point of view on youth.

This demographic is organically tied to youth culture, sits at the forefront of social movements and also, enjoys newly found buying power in the market. They’re always relevant.

Our understanding of this demographic allows us to support our clients in developing strategies to grow with youth in dynamic ways now and in the future.


Our team is well-versed in the creative space with members ranging from fine artists and professional content creators to career brand strategists.

We offer concepting and ideation services allowing our clients to super charge their output receiving targeted creative direction and guidance form trusted sources.

18 is able to create a range of content from smaller scale executions like photoshoots, editorial, and short video content, to more substantial outputs, partnering with our network of collaborators, production companies and other agencies to deliver compelling work for our clients.


At the intersection of our consultation and creative offerings are social partnerships. 

We’re optimists. We see huge potential for the companies and brands we work with to create collective change and do so in ways that feel both meaningful and innovative.
As more companies shift their focus to integrating social good into their practices, 18 is here to support.

From concept through execution, we help our clients partner with causes and organizations doing right by the community to activate in exciting ways